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  1. Hi, I hope someone out there can help me. My son loves Minecraft and I downloaded that and Technic Launcher for him a year ago along with various texture packs. Tonight me told me that he wanted to play Voltz but we needed to update our version to the latest. I have followed the instructions and done this but in the process deleted all of his saved games. I do back up my system regularly using Time Machine to an external hard drive so I am hoping that I can retrieve the data but don't know the process to do this. I have a Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard. On a less serious but equally annoying note I can't seem to get the Technic icon, spanners/tools, back into my task bar, it doesn't show up at all, I thought it would magically reappear but no. Please help me if you can, I am not particularly computer savvy but I am not an idiot, although my son might disagree when he gets up tomorrow morning. Thanks.
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