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  1. Tired of those huge servers? You literally have to run and run and run to just remotely get to an area untouched? Those long tutorials and *VP* enhancements if you pay them you get free stuff? Huge spawn buildings that are like mazes? Just as before we do not have any of that stuff here! You spawn and you start, simple as that! Server IP: IP: Rules: 1. No Griefing 2. No Hacking/Exploiting 3. Be respectful 4. This is not a PG server, however keep it to good level 5. No asking for admin or asking admins to give you items or in game mechanics I.E. Turning off rain 6. Do not be a bully 7. Do not complain about lag, i CANNOT do anything about it. 8. Don't be annoying... 9. This server is in the middle of the United States, don't bitch about lag when you live in some crap country with bad internet. tys Removed Mods: None as of right now. Server Side Mods: Will be updated soon. Banned Items: None as of right now. Remember people, this is a game, the point of this server is to have fun. Do you really enjoy this server? Want to make it better? Donate, PM myself or ask me in game. To get onto this server you will need to fill out an application. YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL ENTRIES OR YOU WILL BE DENIED!! IGN: Age: What country are you from? Why TotalAttack? Would i find your name on MCBANS? If so why? Do you agree to the rules above?​
  2. @ lauzon1998, I'm sorry but we have switched over to FTB ultimate. I havn't requested this thread locked yet so if people had questions they can post on here.
  3. For those of you who are wanting to join the new server, here is the site to download the launcher. http://feed-the-beast.com/ scroll down just a little and get client download and get the exe. After that, install and load. Then you will have the FTB launcher up *may take a minute for it to load everything* After that find FTB Ultimate and click it. Then at the bottom right hand cornor click launch. It will automatically download the stuff for you and your good to go. Any questions please feel free to private message me here. Thank you.
  4. Hello everyone, unfortunately i have made a decision tonight to switch my server from tekkit lite to feed the beast Ultimate. I just don't see technic keeping things as up to date. Even though Ultimate is still in minecraft 1.4.7 it has more to offer than the other mods currently in 1.4.7. For those of you interested in also switching, i will be carrying over the whitelist so you may play on there as well. In 1 week i will be cleaning it up of those who do not show. Sorry to be so sudden but tekkit lite has just stopped being fun. You build everything and then what? We need more expansion, more fun, and more stuff to do! That is where ultimate comes into play. I hope many of you join but it is your choice.
  5. Also for my little community here, we have made some changes to the server: Logblocks is now live and running and connceted to MySQL. Changed some files on the server for stability. Grief Prevention is fixed and working properly now.
  6. mithraya and kybonator has been whitelisted have fun (: @ mithraya, usually yes but there are some dead periods but not much.
  7. mujibuster, ekboo217, and leprachaun321 has been whitelisted, enjoy (:
  8. Try again, maybe i put in the name wrong, i just redid the add.
  9. zacharyolala, hellknight397 and ddave_hauser have been whitelisted, have fun (:
  10. slappingassassin, you have been whitelisted, have fun (:
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