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  1. I created a new world for my server and the memory usage has settled down. Although just after the server restarts (from MCMA) it uses 48% of the RAM for a while then drops off to 10 - 15% (unoccupied), 20 -25% with two players, no noticeable lag.
  2. Just did some playing around with that seed and I have figured out where the lava beasty came from. When I originally set up my linux box I was considering both "New" Tekkit and Tekkit Lite so had worlds for both, then I managed to gorf my Linux install (bit of a noob thing to do). So any way I copied off my world having decided on New Tekkit wiped the disk and started over. Turns out I copied the wrong world! Anyway I guess we now know what a volcano looks like when it has no basalt around the lava core. I'll try watering it 1st and if that doesn't help the RAM issue I'll see about
  3. yes Yes, that is what I was trying. I have tried it in the httpd.conf and in the apahce2.conf, I think that I currently have that code in proxiedhosts file, modifying the suggestions made here http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Apache2_reverse_proxies, given that it looks like the same sort of thing that I was trying to do. The /mysite/mcma floder doesn't exist and doesn't symlink. The only symlinks are the ones suggested in the link above.
  4. It is the latest Tekkit and not Classic. Could be a glitch, my seed (according to the /seed command) is 3552058396945040300 Don't have world edit, might try watering it. It looks like a volcano, tried tunnelling under it and found the cross shaped vertical lava bit
  5. Neither is being ignored. However, sorry if I offended you
  6. Got the modules to load with help from an apache forum. Now it starts with no errors but still doesn't work. I am leaving mcma to do its thing and trying to reverse proxy it from apache2. Tried putting the code in the proxy config, as suggested by the apache forum (can't remember the address) and set up some sym links to various things but still no luck. I think I'll give up on it, was mainly to be able to access it from work where all ports except 80 are blocked
  7. Anyone? Surely someone out there has done this and can help?
  8. Thanks for the reply but it's not all that helpful, would you care to elaborate?
  9. I know it wasn't aimed at me but thanks for the link to the Sphax patch. Got my client running it now. Might try pointing Overviewer at it too.
  10. I don't really "need to", I was just wondering what it would take.
  11. right so upgrades are the way to go then
  12. I have been looking at a simple planter - harvester - fertilizer set up. Just a 3x3 area of wheat. The only problem I have is trying to get enough fertilizer into it. I've seen posts where people have 23 cows/sheep in a 1x1x2 hole on a sewer with a composter below, this is apparently the saturation point for the sewer/composter combo. What I would like to know is how many composters does it take to keep a fertilizer on a 3x3 farm full?
  13. I've never seen it before either however I was the first person to connect to this world, running MC on the server while I was setting stuff up and before it was even connected to the internet, and it was there then.
  14. @ Dewfire - that sounds like your box is using the same RAM as mine but with less allocated to start with. @Vivacity - I don't have a lag plugin but I might consider it if people start complaining. @Jebussz - As far as I know no one is pumping lava from the nether, there is however a (naturally spawned) unusual volcano near the spawn point as you can see here https://www.dropbox.com/s/aeeeb8h8t8y8ckd/RN3_Volcano1.PNG Overall I am not that concerned with the RAM that is being used as I'm not getting many complaints about lag its mostly that I am confused by the fact that an empty se
  15. I have MCMyAdmin running (very nice once I got it going). Handy for remote administration however I would like to present the MCMA pages through my Apache2 server (currently hosting a status banner and overviewer map for my world). I tried the second option in the answer here http://forums.phonicuk.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=1019 but I can't get it to work. I even tried putting the additional lines suggested for the httpd.conf into the apache2.conf instead, it just stopped apache from starting (something about not being able to load the modules, I can recreate the error if necessary).
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