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  1. Re: Metropolis Blog Yeah, same here... Now that I have a working model I may work it in somehow some day... Maybe if I can find a way to make it compatible with the Zeppelin Mod when it gets re-added to Technic... Just flying in and nuke some random village or something :D
  2. Re: Metropolis Blog My finalized version of my nuke cannon... When I actually incorporate it into a build it will be more aesthetically pleasing... But it works! I need a code name for it... Its my only cannon lacking a code name...
  3. Re: Metropolis Blog Its entirely up to you, but it would be pretty cool getting just a brief explanation of how it was all built or something like that :D
  4. Re: Metropolis Blog Alright, good to know... And to answer your question, an LP, or Let's Play, is when somebody plays through a game and records commentary with it... Basically its just a playthrough/walkthrough with commentary
  5. Re: Metropolis Blog How high up was it? I noticed you had your cannon fully intact, but I lost a couple blocks of mine
  6. Re: Metropolis Blog I decided to make a Nuke Cannon based off of that... How much of a delay do you have everything set to with yours?
  7. I got to the Nether and got to that chest in there... I immediately felt lost... I need to study up on the updates to these mods...
  8. Sounds pretty cool, I will try it out tonight or tomorrow after school :D
  9. I am failing Algebra 2, yet I understood every bit of the science talk, which was pretty much all algebra-style talk... I am a scientist! :D
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