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  1. hi there im looking for someone to play attack of the b team with im new so i need teaching alot i have a private server if you are interested say down below
  2. hi there im new to all this modding stuff and i could really use someone to help me with it if you want to help me i have a private server we can play on. thanks bloodshot
  3. hi i am very new to the modpacks and don't no much about any of the mods that are in this one i would like to have a few people that could help me through my attack of the B team life.
  4. Hi there guys i am new to this modpack and i was wondering if any one whould want to team up with me i have a private server ready so if you want to join say down below and i will send you ip.
  5. Looking for a partner that is new to modpack i want to play with 2 people max.
  6. ip is guys join when ready
  7. sgt need name minecraft name its white list
  8. and also i whould like newbies but will take any one i want to learn with someone as we go
  9. i am looking for a partner to start a new adventure on tekkit if any one wants to join put your mc name do you have skype what time will you be on