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  1. Never mind. TOTAL bonehead move. I was testing with a second user and I didn't know that account was added to the ops file. Sorry to waste your time!
  2. Yup. Downloaded the latest copy yesterday...
  3. Thanks Maxis but I double checked that too... Still no love. I am desperate to run this Tekkit Lite public server but can't do it until I can lock it down. Finally have PEX working, just need region support and locking of NEI!! Anyone else get through this issue yet?
  4. Does anybody know how I can disable mode changes through NEI for the Default user group? I w as able to remove give but since they can just switch to creative it defeats the protection!! I have searched everywhere and can't seem to find a way. I set the permissions in NEIServer.cfg to OP for all values but that made no difference... I even added - -modifyworld.* to that group in PEX. Still nothing.
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