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  1. - What is your in game name(minecraft username)? idlerus - Name one rule of the server. no griefing - Why do you want to join the server? Such mod pack, Shiny Ores, Not Much People WOW! - What do you expect from the server? Good community, Almost New map, Good server admin
  2. Thank you soo i need to say its hard work for me but need to thanks vilereaver too he doing awsome work too and realy help me
  3. this is a relaunch for my voltz Server this is now the offical one ^^ i hope to see some old faces. also We have updated the server quite a bit so its onpar with higher populated ones so our players have a great experience our staff are trained and friendly allthough we joke from time to time we take our job seriously and will do our best to help the players so dont be afraid to ask us for help we will do our best. we have the donation system checked here we have set up ranks and a info/guide section on how to survive in a voltz server. we also have a shop section where you can trade obsidian ingots for credits to purchase obsidian armor it is balanced out for instance for 1 obsidian ingot you get 500$ the obsidian shovel also costs $500 because it only uses 1 ingot we look forward to playing with all of you. this is a pvp server so raiding and griefing is allowed ^^ also please refrain from trying to destroy the spawn. if you have any questions dont hessitate to ask.
  4. Hello, I need a little help... i got a voltz server and everything is ok but i need permissions for factions... can someone help me to find best plugin for that? i just use a pex and they not work
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