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  1. I only have 1 rule. Don't camp spawn. Woodburry used to be a Tekkit Lite server, just changed to a Voltz to try something new. And what fun are missles and stuff if you can't Pvp? The Governor
  2. Ximien, all of the applications get reviewed by current members of the server, so it depends on how long it takes them. I usually see a turn-around time in a day. However, if your application is sparse, they will reject it right away.
  3. Yeah, me too.. and I noticed all the people from my server were there.. I felt betrayed
  4. Hi u applied on my server woodburry.net with an invalid email address. Just wanted to let u know

  5. There are going to be 2 Op positions. 1 is already reserved and the other is going to be open to vote. In order to be nominated for the vote you have to put ur name up on the bulletin board near spawn. Then there will be a poll on the website for who gets the position.
  6. I didn't ban any items except the mystcraft ones. so far. things will be permitted as long as they are not abused, or unless lag gets really bad.
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