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  1. -20+ -EST -between 2-3 hours most days, depending on my work schedule each week. I've just felt like getting back into the minecraft scene, and this honestly sounds like what I'm looking for. Just a small group of guys to work with ^.^ -leeber2002
  2. Sorry I've been mia for a few days guys, I'm in the process of moving homes. I should return to regular times online soon. Any update on eta of the new updates/map?
  3. I'm eyeballing it here, but it looks to say Era of the Future or something similar. @Kiko, I have the old launcher still on my computer, but it's no longer possible to download it.
  4. Yeah sorry bout that. I misread the first post's date. Have you tried completely deleting/uninstalling and reinstalling the launcher? If it's only happened since you tried to download the pack, then it's possible something got broken during the installation.
  5. some people don't understand how to use a simple forum... tedan101 and m99v01 are accepted...
  6. You do realize, in the middle of exam season, and in the middle of the workday, you're pissed because you happened to find a 45 minute window when no one with the ability to help was online? On a helpful note, did this occur randomly, or did you just install the modpack?