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  1. I don't know, i don't feel like this is worth the attention. It'd be funny if the post actually looked like it took a ton of effort, but would be just as god awful as this one.
  2. Less BS please. 2000x2000 is not freedom, not in Minecraft. Right now it's the same kind of anarchy as survival games (which suck). I have nothing against you or this server, i just don't want to be stuck in a 2k by 2k map and i wouldn't have wasted an hour or two on your server if i had known that it's such a small map. So for the love of Notch edit your original thread post warning everyone of the 2000x2000 thing...
  3. There used to be a server description here...
  4. Swearing is the least of the problems. While it's nice to have plugins for cleaning up spawn after someone has nuked it and probably now enjoys that 5 day ban, my experience is crippled because i can't use certain tekkit blocks like flax, because of a LWC block protection mod which doesn't work well with non vanilla servers. Playing elsewhere untill this gets sorted out. Oh and if the owner decides to ban nukes completely because of some random griefer who blew up the spawn before then count me out.
  5. You could actually label this as anarchy and i wouldn't mind it, sensible rules.
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