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  1. I finally got around to dealing with the big keybinding changes done in 1.7 (and forgetting about the mod a bunch after getting annoyed by those): https://github.com/Kobata/item-render/releases/tag/MC1.7.10
  2. Updated to MC1.6.2 (using the wiki version, since that's got some better refactoring in) Actually didn't even have to do much, this is really only reliant on the item renderer's main function keeping the same name.
  3. I looked up some stuff on it and it appears that OSX is set up specifically to deny access to anything above 2.1 unless the program requests it when setting up OpenGL (which is outside the scope of what a mod can easily change for Minecraft), unlike every other OS which just gives you the highest version it can when you're not specifically asking for a version.
  4. If you look at the snooper settings screen it dumps out a bunch of information, including what OpenGL reports. (opengl_vendor and opengl_version)
  5. It should work on macs as far as I know. Check the vanilla keybinding screen and see if there's an entry for 'Render Inventory Block' -- it won't show up if the mod fails the GL3.2 check.
  6. There are reports of it working correctly on macs. The three people who were in IRC yesterday with issues all had an Intel graphics chip, while someone else who tested and didn't have the mirrored display had a mac with an nVidia chip in it. Also, this LWJGL update has already happened in the Mojang snapshots, and is going to be forced in MC1.6, so there was a decent idea that it should work correctly.
  7. It's galacticraft's adding the 5 extra slots for the oxygen gear/parachute messing with something that doesn't expect it to be there somewhere in the pickblock handling. I told micdoodle about it a while ago, don't remember if he's fixed it since then yet.
  8. For anyone helping with the Technic Wiki, here is a version that outputs 32x32 grid images and 128x128 full images at the same time. I also pushed the code for this to githib as the 'wiki' branch.
  9. I wouldn't call it very hard, although it'd need a bit of reorganizing things. It's a small project though, so feel free to edit it to do whatever you need it to!
  10. This is a rather simple mod that will render your currently selected item to a .png file in .minecraft/rendered when you press P. It's useful if you need quick pictures of an item, for example for a wiki article. Requires an OpenGL 3.2 compatible graphics card. If your graphics card or drivers do not support OpenGL 3.2, this mod will refuse to do anything. MC1.7.10: https://github.com/Kobata/item-render/releases/tag/MC1.7.10 MC1.6.2: https://github.com/Kobata/item-render/releases/MC1.6.2 MC1.5.x: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?edxh44j24qv4414 Github: https://github.com/Kobata/
  11. Do not put a ! in the folder name the server is install to, it confuses Java.
  12. The Tekkit.jar actually isn't the full server, it tries to load the missing (vanilla) parts from minecraft_server.jar in the same folder as the Tekkit.jar is installed. In this case it's probably picking up a default 1.5.2 installed to jars/, so just replace that with the version from the download.
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