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  1. Interesting new development. I managed to Lag-Drag myself out of the cave, and made it back to my house. Which is and has always been lag-free. The game cleared up to 60fps when I was about half way to the surface. Then I walked around my house, enjoying the freedom. Not thirty seconds later.. SURPRISE! 1fps. AGAIN. Is there some kind of lag-monster in hack slash mine that I should know about? Because this is getting ridiculous.
  2. Okay, So.. Technic is having some form of seizure for me. I'm playing hack slash mine, and it works A-okay for the better part of two hours, running at a buttery 60fps. Then, I'm exploring a cave, and BAM. 2-1 fps. I was so confused. So I tried restarting the launcher. No dice. Still 1fps. Here's the kicker. I quit the game, and without even restarting the launcher, made a new world. 60fps. What the actual fuck? Tried going back to my old world. 1fps. I've tried almost everything. I've tried switching java to high-priority, I've tried lowering all of my settings, re
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