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  1. Objects in the 0.5.6 v of tekkit lite are rotating, recyclers, macerators, ind info panels.. etc.. and it's messing up buildcraft and tubing outputs and such.
  2. So the signs and items are oddly colored now sincethe update to 0.5.6. Have a look https://www.dropbox.com/s/y1ku2ddfeazhqbs/oddpicofchestsandsigns.png
  3. as of like 45 mins ago because thats when this all happened. ?
  4. Just for the record if you are using server 0.5.6 and client 0.5.6 you will need the modpack.jar from 0.5.5 or earlier as they have forgotten to include this... cool right? You should probably add that.
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