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  1. Rules are always made up to enforce some kind of morality. " Morality (from the Latin moralitas "manner, character, proper behavior") is the differentiation of intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are "good" (or right) and those that are "bad" (or wrong) " If you wouldn't want to enforce some kind of morality you would have no rules at all (which is impossible in a practical situation) Whether you like it or not, the morality you are enforcing right now by changing avatar pictures like this is to ridicule anyone that doesn't follow the thought process of the mob. <personal opinion> Things like this are really a wrong way of doing things if you ask me. you are taking away the possibility of people to think for themselves and write down their ideas. After all, if their ideas don't match the general mindset of the majority of the population here, they will get reports for being a stupid noob! People that want to bring on another side of the story will be shot down, while people that follow the mob will be praised for the believes that were enforced on them. this further increases the power of the mob. It's a vicious circle really. I get the feeling that some ideas are already deeply rooted into the common consciousness here: - Modmakers are idiots if they see their work as their own, why would we need permission from the ones that made the actual stuff? Fuck legality, no one gives a damn anyway! - We can do whatever we want because we got more downloads than other modpacks. - People that don't agree are idiots as well, and they should shut their face. It was also stated several times that the FTB users are a vile group of fanboys, but i don't really see how it's any better here. </personal opinion>
  2. Hi there fellow Newbie. Did you say something bad as well? I looked for some stuff on changing block ID's on google, maybe this helps. It might become quite complicated because you are using 2 gigantic mods. (is there a limit on the amount of block ID's you can have?) EDIT: this should be a good help too:
  3. oh, one more question: Who is this slowpoke that got banned?
  4. Well, thats a pretty nice automated system to learn your users about good manners... In a normal situation i think the right way to handle a 'toxic user' (which you as a mod have the right to name me as such right now if you think that is the case) is to give them a warning by PM, remove/edit their toxic posts or ban them from the forum if they don't stop misbehaving. It's quite a creative new thing to encourage the rest of the the forum to make a circle around the individual in question, let them point fingers and laugh their asses off while throwing rotten tomatoes at him. (if you get the metaphor) I've never encountered something like this and i must say that's one way of doing it. Seems to work splendidly well... Situations like this really ease the situation and make everyone act morally responsible. No drama at all right? Anyway, i just wanted to let you guys know what my concern was, and that not everyone is blaming the mod maker for this. Admitted, maybe i should have asked you guys if it was ok to not blame the modmaker for this before going ahead. I hope my feedback can be put to good use to make the modpack better. I had a blast here, thanks for the experience Kind regards
  5. Wow, this is professional. Do you guys change the profile pictures of everyone who has an opinion that isn't the same as yours? It's just sad that mods can't listen to and respond to concerns from users without going all "you are a stupid newby and i'm a powerfull mod, taste my sadism!"-mode on the person who expresses the concern. I have no problem with you guys saying my concerns are wrong and i should calm down, you can even say that i should remove my post because it's inapropriate, but what gives you the right to mess with my account info and make me to shame publicly?? it's kind of a shame that a mod team behaves like 12 year olds I'm starting to understand why covert jaguar took his distance now...
  6. You don't have to point fingers "but...but... they are bad too ... :'( " I don't care. I'm talking about the way Tekkit handles a disgraceful situation that Feed the beast avoided in the first place by keeping their shit together. Feed the beast still has permission to use Railcraft so they must have been doing something right. Tekkit lite does not, and they seem to be completely incapable of fixing the situation in decent and professional fashion. And if they are unwilling to write that damn list, they should remove railcraft from voltz and tekkit classic too, because it's complete and utter nonsense that they can write a list for one modpack and are physically incapable of doing the same thing for a modpack that is basically the same but has the word 'lite' behind it. I guess some things in life just don't make sense ;)
  7. Stop blaming the mod maker. He has the right to ask certain things in exchange for the effort he put in. The rules for modpacks are writen down clearly on his website. The tekkit-team is the real problem here. Publish the freaking list already, it's not that hard. Other modpacks don't seem to have the same problem, so the modmaker seams like a fair enough person to me. Tekkit should stop being 'dicks' about it (if i may use the same word you did) and get on with publishing that permission list. The only one that is getting hurt by this crazy decision is Tekkit lite and it's users. Tekkit lite users are getting an inferior experience right now, and will be happy to move to other mod packs if needed. I for one am planning to move to Feed the beast if this fluke drags on, and i'm sure i'm not the only one that is getting frustrated. Bottom line: Have some respect for your modders, because you are hurting your service by getting certain packs removed.
  8. This nonsense has been going on long enough to be honest. Railcraft is one of the bigger mods in the modpack, and it adds a whole lot of realism and extra options to the game. I would like to play around with it more, but i can't, because tekkit removed it. All the modmaker requested was for you guys to make a public list of permissions. how hard can that be? You guys even did it for Voltz and Tekkit classic, because rail craft is still embedded in those packs. Please, stop being stubborn, go sit around the table and talk this situation trough. Thank you! To all the forum users: please don't start explaining how i should install railcraft manually. I know that that is a possibility, but that's not my point. If i would do that, why am i using a modpack in the first place?