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  1. Hey guys, my friend has just started his own server and is running into a problem. The server generates a vanilla world! no copper, volcanoes, anything. We are, however, able to spawn tekkit items in creative and use them to make things (copper -> wire) and so on. Is this a common problem that has a common solution? Thank you
  2. Should I rehost it there or just change the www. with the dl. in my modpack url on my account here?
  3. Hi guys, I've recently made a server by modding the tekkit lite server software available. Everything there is peachy! However, now im trying to make a modpack for my server and things are getting a little wierd. I've made the modpack, again just changing what i've gotten from the tekkit lite modpack. I hosted it on dropbox, but when I download it off the client some of the files are missing. The coremods file is there, but it's empty, and the mods file has dissapeared altogether. Additionally, forge won't start so im assuming that hasn't been downloaded correctly either. Any suggestions?
  4. I tried doing what you listed above, and it didn't work for me. The fault is probably mine as I'm new to making modpacks, but when I tried to join my server I can't because FML is not loaded. I copied everything from the tekkit-lite modpack like you did and simply added a few mods that are also on my server. I don't understand why forge won't load. Any suggestions?
  5. Name: Duh114 Age: 20 What do you wish to accomplish?: To have fun building tekkit machines and to become a force in the minecraft world (nation wise) Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? A little buildcraft, I'm working on it what is the purpose of a macerator? Grinds down ores into dust, which can be made into ingots. Recommendations(if you been invited): nope Others things i should know: Im still figuring out buildcraft
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