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  1. Tournament Tomorrow, it should be fun. Awesome prizes are going to be given out to the victors.
  2. Lots of things are going on the server. We just had some small tournaments go on and will be having another one soon hosted by myself. Come see what is in store, it will be fun!
  3. ​Because that is the mod. You have to find them in game. They aren't just going to be handed to you unless you fill an orb or donate for one.
  4. Just got a legendary today! So happy! An event is going to take place this Saturday so come join in on the fun.
  5. Legendaries are spawning more guys and gals. Had a player yesterday get a Celebi (now I want to get one).
  6. ​We just love sharing updates and how much we love the server. Anyways just had a small event happen and it was fun. The first event building is done, but more event buildings are being built (yay).
  7. Hey guess what, we are going to be doing some small events on the server here real soon. Come check us out to find out more.
  8. An event island is now being build and will hopefully be done soon so we can have a ton more events. Prizes will be given away to the winners of those events. What are they, hmmm I'll let you guess.
  9. I am so excited to have this server finally up. I couldn't wait for it to launch and now it has. Oh how fun this server is!
  10. Welcome to new map everyone! hope you enjoy this server as much as I do. Come take a look at the spawns that some of our players built, I have got to say one of my favorites is Magic spawn.
  11. Zeitia


    Well all I have to say of this server is that it was interesting and that is about it. Would have to say that higher staff NEEDS to be on like constant.
  12. Zeitia


    Having a pve side would be interesting especially for those who are not use to pvp or prefer pve over pvp.
  13. Well I got it to work with Java 7, so thank you for your help.
  14. The latest Java that I downloaded is Java 8, should I have Java 7 instead?
  15. Hello, I am coming here to see if anyone could help me out with an issue I am getting. I have just recently updated my MacBook Pro to OS X Mavericks and can now not play on them because when I click the play button on a mod like hexxit or tekkit lite it just comes up blank. I have updated my java as well. If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Zeitia
  16. Zeitia


    Such a fun server. I enjoy playing on here. I would like to know what the adventure world has to offer.
  17. Zeitia


    This hexxit server is quite awesome. That is what the twilight forest is for, something I didn't know. Now to try to defeat a boss to get loot.
  18. Zeitia


    I don't play on this server much either, but when I do I enjoy it. I like exploring, it is like my main thing to do, then go find materials while I am exploring.
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