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  1. May I join!? Could I be admin too? I have run multiple servers and I am handy with plugins too! I also know how to optimize the server so chunk loaders dont keep it from running so slow. So could I please be an admin or mod?
  2. username: Smelliott2 I will not grief in homeworld: yes I will be polite & not swear in general chat: yes I will respect staff & listen to directions: yes I will report and not abuse any bugs: yes I will know and follow the rules: yes I have _____ Tekkit experience: I have played Tekkit Classic, Lite, and i'm getting used to the new "Space" Tekkit.
  3. Ok i got it now. I did a step wrong. Thnx guys for offering but i dont neep help anymore. For now. (I might later on)
  4. Ok used miniboxers modpack and when I uploaded it to dropbox and put it on my technic launcher it still opens in vanilla.
  5. Ok thnx to both of you. miniboxer i'll test around with your things and advvtech If i cant get his to work i'll need you.
  6. can someone get a modpack set up to where i just have to add the mods. Please i cant get it right.
  7. Please be sure to switch to the latest version of Voltz (1.0.11)
  8. Hello everyone, Voltz Evolved is owned by me completely. If you join you will spawn in a little hole underground i made and protected using a plugin. There will also be stairs that lead up to the rest of the spawn. Also, I do believe the plugin that I used to protect the spawn will allow default users to take advantage of it. Plugins Made Possible By: BukkitForge Special Thanks To Bukkit Team For Plugins! Special Thanks To Technic Team For Ever Adding Voltz Ultimate Extreme Thanks To Notch For Making Minecraft! SERVER INFO IP: | | | | |Voltz Version: v1.0.11 (Be Sure To v1.0.11) Owner: Smelliott2 Hoster: Smelliott2 P.S.- I think a little credit goes to my friend for making the idea.