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  1. @Xylord - If you have a tekkit lite reactor / breeder setup that you can share that outweighs a HV I would appreciate a chance to see it. I don't mind the fact that it can blow up, part of nuclear power is building the structure safe to contain the explosion and also managing the red stone signals so it doesn't; this to me is part of the process.
  2. Here is a list of example reactors / breeders: http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=7681
  3. Hi All, I never got to Nuclear power before Tekkit Lite came out and now that I have started using it, it seems a little underpowered when comparing it with HV Solar Arrays. I followed Reactor build 11 on the following link and breeder example 2 (http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=7681). One reactor can pump out 420 EU which is great as that runs all the time. My issue is with cost. Uranium isn't exceptionally plentiful and I would need about 5 breeders running in order to re-use my spent uranium cells. This makes for a lot of materials so I don't understand the point of it. Am I missing something or is it just pointless in Tekkit Lite without EMC?
  4. @thebird - I have a large sorting system hooked up to 120 chests. Most of the materials coming from Quarries is Sand, Dirt, Cobble, Gravel and Flint so instead of sending them through all my sorting machines just to decide they need to be recycled they are taken out of a black ender chest separately. Basically, my entire system runs from a black ender chest. Dust, ingots, raw mats etc all go into it and go to the relevant machine rooms based on what type of item it is. It even goes as far as sending 25% of coal to turn to glass, 25% for Silicon Boules and the rest for storage. It's a very complex system that I have designed to run as many quarries as possible. Efficiency in this case is everything. @N7Havk - I google'd for that but came up empty. What is it? p.s I do have the system working perfectly now utilising BC to exclude these items.
  5. Ok: Adv. Wooden Transport Pipe (set to exclude) -> Stone Pipe -> Relay -> Redpower Network Working perfectly :)
  6. But that is Buildcraft isn't it? How would that go inline with my Redpower system? Ok, looks I go with my edited idea. Use an engine to drag the items out into an Advanced Pipe -> Into a Redpower Relay -> Back to Pnuematic. Lets see :)
  7. Hi All, I have a huge sorting system that can support 8 full size quarries up and running. I have separate branches that deal with the common resources that just get recycled like cobble etc. What I would like is to have a retriever (or something else that does the same job) hooked up to a chest and tell it to pull everything except cobble. Is this possible? I read on the tekkit wiki that if you supply a constant red stone signal to a filter then it will act as "not this item" but I haven't been able to get this to work. Any ideas what I can do? EDIT: One thing I have just thought of doing is using an electric engine to pull items out of the chest using BC, use a Diamond pipe to determine if the item is in my exception list (i.e Cobble) and then send it on it's way back into Redpower using a Relay. Will experiment with this tomorrow.
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