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  1. Somewhere i read that this is done on the config file for the mod in question, but is this the case for every mod? or does it vary from mod to mod? Me and my friends would like to integrate the Forestry mod back into Tekkit Lite for our server as well as as add the Xtra Blocks mod and maybe a few others, but it always comes back to whatever we add not being compatible with Tekkit because the Block IDs are shared between one mod or another. Anyways, how do you go about doing this?
  2. That did the trick, i thought you could place the Quarry anywhere in front of the outline. Thanks :)
  3. So last night i set a 20 x 20 Quarry underground and it successfully mined out the entire thing, today i pack up everything and move it over to the next area (3 blocks away from the edge of the first Quarry), i set the landmarks, put in the Quarry and turn the engine on, but it ignores the landmarks completely. I try 2 more times in different areas and it's the same thing, it ignores the landmarks i set (which by now i make sure are all linked together before placing the Quarry). What gives? This is really frustrating me right now :\
  4. Not sure if i'm posting in the right place, but here goes. I'm looking for a Tekkit Lite server (with or without extra mods, if it sounds interesting, i don't mind downloading extra stuff) with a mature, active playerbase. By mature, i don't neccessarily mean 18+, but just mature people...i don't feel like having to worry about my stuff being looted/destroyed by some immature jerk while i'm offline. Notes: Cheating (i.e flying, teleports, time command, etc), it just puts me off and feels like the challange is lessened. I don't like it. KeepAllInventory: I dislike it, period...i put up with it on the server my friend hosts because i enjoy playing with them, but it doesn't feel any less cheap to me when i die and seemingly don't incur any penalties or suffer any setbacks That said, i'm not opposed to some sort of respawn system that differs from the default. WorldGuard plugin/mod is a plus Thanks
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, i haven't gone back to tinkering with refining oil again because i'm in the process of getting the whole Industrial Setup working, but i'll be going back here soon.
  6. Anyone mind sharing some resources on how to set one up? guide maybe or some pointers? I looked at the WIki, but the one video i found is kinda...vague at best. Thanks :)
  7. Everything working great, but any idea why some stuff have like a white outline around them with this texture pack?
  8. Right now i just have 1 Windmill wrired to 3 Batteries and then wired to my appliances. Gonna keep tinkering, i haven't used any of the BC stuff yet, so i'm not sure how it all works. Mostly stuck with the RP stuff which at least i understand :D
  9. How do you setup the Blulectric Motor? It doesn't seem to be something you place...
  10. Thanks for the info, could i please get a link to the tekkit patch for Sphax's Texture Pack? I'm not sure which one in particular to get, or even if i'm looking at the correct one.
  11. Motor? It's not in my setup, guess i'll tinker with them. :)
  12. This is a question that i've been asking, but nobody on the server i play on seems to know the answer to. Right now i have 2 Wind Turbines generating power and i'm barely able to keep up 4 appliances running at the same time (3 Furnaces/1 Charging Station) and while i can perfectly live with my current setup, i'd like to comfortably power everything without one appliance or two hogging all the power. Any ideas? :)
  13. How do you install it? As i understand, most texture packs require that you use something like MCPatcher and since i'm using the Tekkit Lite setup, i think MCPatcher would overwrite the Tekkit Install.
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