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  1. My Whiny friend wanted me to make this post to say: We have set up our server for Voltz but none of the items work in it and no ores are found from the mod. We have made a new world etc but still doesn't work. Any help?
  2. Just seen that someone has started a let's play on our server,
  3. IP: CIA.Jargen.Co.Uk Server Rules: No chests, hacks or exploits No spamming chat No advertising Do not abuse staff, we are here to help No exessive use of bad language No combat logging Have fun! No mods have been removed from the mod pack No banned items! This server was created by Pete and Milky the reason we made this server was because we played the voltz pack often but we couldn't find a server which had no banned items so we decided to make one with no banned items ect. This server should be up 24/7 We have a little communtiy going at the moment but we would like to expand the community thats why we need you! We recommend this server to people who want a server where there are people who are willing to work with eachother and people who are evil with their friends and enjoy blowing up their enemy's bases. Donations: £15 Obsidian Amour Obsidians Tools T3 Launcher kit 2 of each T3, T2, T1 Missiles 2 x Elite Batteries Fully upgraded power armour LHC Builder Advanced Batterybox 32Diamonds All of the lower packs aswell £10 Diamond Amour Diamond Tools T2 Launcher Kit 2 T2 Missiles for your choice Bow + 64 Arrows Batterybox Advanced Battery £5 Iron Tools Iron Amour T1 Launcher Kit 2 T1 Missiles of your choice Battery Basic Wiring Bundle The Community So Far: More of the community We are looking forward to seeing you!
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