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  1. Can you please tell us how you did it so that others (like myself) who are having this problem can fix it. haha. Like how do you define a whole new world in bpermissions? I tried creating a new folder called "DIM-28" but it doesn't seem to recognize it.
  2. also, what is wrong with technic's website? None of the modpacks display the version info anymore. and why did they remove the changelog for Voltz and Tekkit lite?
  3. so I have a Tekkit lite server. I don't have any server plugins, just using the motd in the server.properties. I put in "&0&0&1&2&3&4&5&6&7&e&f" with no luck. Can I use the generic bukkit motd or do I have to use a different plugin?
  4. sweet. thanks for the bukkitforge comment. I just updated to the latest bucketforge so that would have been bad.
  5. I noticed that technic took off the change log off of the tekkit lite website. Does anyone know what changes were made in 0.5.9? I want to know if its worth updating my server.
  6. I cant seem to find any information on the amount of electricity each generator makes? Like coal vs. fission vs. fusion. Its hard to figure out which cable to use with which one. And whether or not its even worth going through the trouble of fusion as opposed to fission.
  7. I have been trying to disable teleport tethers on my server, but I can't seem to find a config file for the additional pipes mod. I have looked in /config and /buildcraft/config, but found nothing. Im running tekkit lite 0.5.7. Am I missing something or is there simply no way to do this? Thanks