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  1. THIS HAS BEEN FIXED. Launcher Version: 221 Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium Java Version: Java 7 Update 17 Antivirus Program: Description of Problem: Whenever i try to launch yogbox, (By my guess, this would happen with all other modpacks) A error message pops up. If you look at it closely, it will say my minecraft installation has been cleaned. so I tried to force update my regular minecraft, but it still happens. Error Messages: Your Minecraft installation is corrupt, but has been cleaned. Try to log in again. If that fails, close and resart the appication. Error Log:
  2. Now it's working. It just had to restart. My PC I mean.
  3. java is now reinstalled and the technic launcher... still isn't working!
  4. thanks. java is reinstalling right now.
  5. Launcher Version: I don't know. The latest version of platform, I think. but it is probably something just w/ my computer. Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit Java Version: Java JRE 7 Update 10 Antivirus Program: Description of Problem: Again, I don't know. Error Messages: Error:Could not create Java Virtual Machine Error:A fatal Exception has occurred. Program will exit. Error Log: Edit: I even tried the .jar instead of the .exe but it still won't work!
  6. Oh, and the Technic logo also pops up behind the error for a couple seconds after I close the error. Edit: and when I say a couple, I mean like half a second.
  7. This is what it says every time I try to launch the new Launcher: That is all it says. It might be because I only had 1.09 GB of free space when I typed this. I don't know. If anyone knows how to fix this, please speak!
  8. The server says that the whole server won't let me use containers! in case you need my minecraft screen name, it is God_of_Spore.
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