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  1. hay when is the greifing sever going to be up

  2. If you really arent part of team lixo im sorry but i cant take the chance you were hanging with him the whole time and he was in it so i had to assume the worse. And to let everyone no Team Lixo is a griefing team and they force op and hack accounts.
  3. Andrivuallar your only saying that cause you talked shit to me and an admin and a mod, and you got banned for 1 day... so quit talking shit. Also the only reason we switched hosts was to try to make the gaming experience the best for the players, we only switch twice so your an idiot have a nice day.
  4. not exactly sure but i think we have 31 towns and we usually have 20+ players
  5. Fathers Day special in the donator shop! only today 50% anything! Coupon code: FathersDay
  6. Dont call the owner out then, dont be a dick to someone that is running a server for your enjoyment...