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  1. name: andreas Age: 24 Time spent playing modded: Not sure, played tekkit of and on Reason i want to join: to have fun.
  2. Age: 24 IGN (In Game Name) 123zaxnow Why Do you want to Play on this Server? i want to rule the world. What Do you want to Build? a big building :P
  3. if they helped with it, why would i be here asking for help?..
  4. only think i can select is the folowing.. look at attached pic
  5. im sorry if wrong plased.. i got the server installed now, its running over a server hoste from speedgaming.pro i got akses to my server using ftp. i deletet all there was on the server. un ziped the "Tekkit_Server_2.1.1.rar" and now i get this msg when joining. "Disconnected by Server Outdated Server" and cant seem to find a way to fixet on this forum..
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