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  1. I have a large energy setup in the nether, where I have an Enderthermic Pump pumping lava into Ender Tank. I then have the Ender Tank in my house in the overworld where it is hooked up to 40 Magmatic Dynamos to provide my AE and all of my machines with RF. What I'm wondering is if there is some way I can "teleport" the RF from my 40 Maymatic Dynamos to a quarry I have several hundred blocks from my base. I understand that I could just make another Ender Tank and hook it up to some Magmatic Dynamos next to my quarry, but I would rather have something that takes up less space and is easier to se
  2. Thank you! I have been playing with the Unifier but it does not work with wood (birch/oak/jungle/spruce)... is this a bug or on purpose?
  3. Hey guys! I have been playing with Applied Energistics and have run into an issue with auto crafting. For example, all recipes that use copper ingots use Galacticraft AND Thermal Expansion copper ingots, in any combination. Is there any way to encode recipes so that they can use whatever combination of Galacticraft and Thermal Expansion copper ingots I have? Thank you guys
  4. Hello, I am hosting a server for me and my friends. Earlier today, about 5 hours ago, I was about to log into my server just fine and play. I logged on, then tried to log back in to play today but my server was giving end of stream errors and my client was getting http 503 errors. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Here is what I have tried - downloading new server software and starting the server on that - creating a new world Also, sorry if this is in the wrong thread. I had no idea where to post it.
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