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  1. Just an update! We will soon be launching our custom mod pack and server this will be our first custom build of MC and will be a fantastic change to the normal tekkit mods you see. We plan on being a challenging server with hard mobs that can swarm your base if its not well fortified so watch out! The darkness will not be your friend and will be a very dangerious place. <----our updated IP
  2. OK, updated plugins added mob arena and pvp arena, new items in donor shop, new voters area only accessable for voters shops etc. To come balkon's weapons made safe for pvp. BC Pipes have also been made safe.
  3. rank restriction list will be up on the website soon today, modreq for a refund :P
  4. Just added icemoon world for mass quarry use and fixed a few bugs, improved voting and added dynimap
  5. The website will show if the server is up, if you can't connect maybe or see the server perhaps its due to distance.
  6. very odd it's been up for days now with only the normal server restarts once every two hours
  7. Server IP: Server website: http://pioneersandsettlers.com/ Pioneers and Settlers: is a Tekkit Lite server for Minecraft. Greetings anyone who visits here! Dezgard and Saintbob001 as owners want to welcome you to a fully protected, publicly available, persistent server. Pioneers and Settlers is an ongoing, constantly developing world that you can influence and help shape. So the things that you!(the players), create will have a lasting effect on the world that we live on. Starting as a 'Drifter', you will spawn on the Colonizing ship hovering above the main central hub of the world. Once you travel through a short tutorial on the ship, you’ll be beamed down to the main world where you can start your adventure! While you can ready your fist and just start running off into the unknown world, you might want to take a minute and establish a main base to call home. You’ll also want to invest in claiming some land for yourself, if you want to protect your home and your valuables from invaders and the like. So keep that in mind. Also you can gain ranks and get access to higher technologies, to advance and explore new heights. So come give Pioneers & Settlers a try! Website: http://www.pioneersettlers.enjin.com/ Server Features: - The world is new and unclaimed ready for the taking. - Players start in the tutorial ship above the planet. - We strive to provide you 24/7 server up time. - Grief protection and coreprotect (custom) - 52 Slots on the Server, so plenty of room! - 3 other worlds! The Ice moon of New Earth! The barren moon of New Earth(in the works), and Resource world(in the works) for all your mining needs. - Player driven economy. - Transport system using neatly placed command blocks - Large dome for protection while you shop and talk Plugin Features: We aim to develop our plugins with help from our in-house java coder to bring you the most compatible and up to date… for our users enjoyment. We also backup the server every 4 hours on a separate server, just for your comfort and peace of mind. - Permissonsex: for fast ranking and permissions changes - Griefprevention: claim land and never be grieved again! - Coreprotect: rolling back all bad things people do! - Sellable/buyable claims, put your town plots for sale! - Essentials: standard - iConomy: money - Clearlag: Keeping it clean - Chestshop: for selling and buying of your own Rules:Be respectful of the world! Do not destroy (leave a mess) landscape; we want to preserve the planet as much as possible. Quarry’s are restricted to the resource world, only! Be respectful of your fellow players. Violations of these rules will result in a pending ban upon review. No grieving! No Duping! No bug exploiting! Disabled Items: - Musket/Cannon/Blunderbuss: PVP bypass -Dimensional Anchor: Too memory intensive. -Turtle: Bypasses anti-grief to build in protected areas without permission. -World Anchor: Consumes extra server memory, which may slow or crash the server. -Anchor Cart: Consumes extra server memory, which may slow or crash the server. -Tunnel Bore: The Tunnel Bore bypasses anti-grief to break blocks in protected areas without permission. -Work Cart: May craft banned items which would then be confiscated, wasting your ingredients. -All Hammer: The power attack injures protected animals without permission, and players even when PvP is off. -Mystcraft: This mod was removed from the server. Ranking System: Unique to Pioneers & Settlers, there is in place a rank system for all players. From the common ‘Drifter’ to the high ‘Overseer’, there is something for everyone! And the higher you rank, the more access to items you have. So while a Drifter might not be able to make much, as you progress you’ll be able to create new and more powerful items that Tekkit Lite has to offer! Go to the website: http://www.pioneersettlers.enjin.com/ for a list of restrictions. Server IP: How to join: We run a custom modded tekkit server so in order to play with us you need to do the following: - Start the tekkit launcer and select tekkit-lite. - Save and login. - Connect to the above IP Server Specs: Ø Xeon 8 threaded processors Ø Intel SSDs Ø 64 RAM Ø 1000Mbps ports Ø Ddos protection Ø 24/7 managed
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