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  1. What i am i missing to become a mod i been here for long i am just wondering so i can improve on it
  2. Is the server having trouble or anything cause i have been lagging in the past 2 days i am trying to log on now and i keep failling into the void or something. My internet is fine the ping is great and the download and upload speed :/
  3. The problem is now being accepted in our HQ, Our famous cookers will arrive at your place in about 261 Lightyears, We will be with you shortly
  4. Whao lots of new people i am coming back to play on this server not that i played i on any other tekkit servers, i just took a rest from it and was playing Team Fortress 2 lol. So sad the server is down :(
  5. I see well i hope the server comes back on soon and thanks for the update :D
  6. Wait So GriefPrevention is it still on when you go back on the server? cause if its not than mean's our buildings won't be safe........
  7. Maybe you should put a message saying that progress maybe lost and keep the server open
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