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  1. This happened to me, all I did was deleting it and re-installed on my desktop. After that it starts working again.
  2. An Hamachi tekkit server :D *

  3. Hi,

    I reed that you know how to setup a tekkit server? And if I have right could you plz help me? :D


  4. I don't usually post complaints about online services, because it takes time and some issues are resolved within a day or so.. and nothing recurring. I figured I'd do other customers a favor and give them facts about Simply Digital Hosting the "No B-S Server Provider". I would like to warn others to stay away from this company. First of, they don't offer refunds for any MC Servers. *Found out about it till it's too late*, second of all the server lags constantly and disconnects us. Lastly, the customer service is like talking to a 9 year old. Not only that he/she argues with the customers, he/she also protest any of the issue that we're having their fault. They blamed technic's end.. blamed my connection, and blamed others for having these server attacks. If you're new to this or looking for a reliable server... please stay away from Simply Digital Hosting. *Link removed*
  5. Did more digging. Found out that McMyadmin is not compatible with tekkit lite. So it's a bit buggy.
  6. I was provided with McMyAdmin account, and when I go to the configuration and pick "tekkit" it gives the server a fault to load error, I am not sure if there is any significance to my problem, but thought I'd throw it out there. But, yeah I can google and come up with many different answers, but based on players experience. What is the best (probably don't have the best but you get the gist) tekkit lite server hosting provider would you guys recommend?
  7. I doubt it. When I signed up for the service, I was asked to pick a service and I picked tekkit lite. I have talked to one of their rep and he said, it's not added in the stock install, and their launcher downloads from the tekkit site every hour. But I don't get it. Is EE3 and other mods not included for server packs?
  8. I just recently paid for a hosting server for tekkit lite. A few friends were using hamachi to connect, but that got really laggy, hence why the upgrade. Anyways, we got the set up under control, but once we logged on some things, we're unable to craft like boomerang, also... minium mats aren't dropping from mobs. I did some research and figured out the issue, I guess the provider's "easy set-up installation", doesn't have certain mods like EE3 and so on. I did a lot of googling and asking etc.. but so far nothing seems to be working with the server, I have tried copy and paste the extracted server folder through using Filezilla program. And that isn't working either. If I could borrow someones time on helping a nub like myself, it would be definitely, highly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Kreptyx
  9. type in google "how to set up LAN minecraft". Gave you a start.
  10. Unfortunately, there aren't any free hosting servers out there. People have to make money thru servers. Giving it away for free will not gain them any money. Because hosting eats a lot of resources i.e.g net traffic, power supply etc. If you and your friends share the same network.. use the LAN option.
  11. About a week ago, I had the same problem. We used to have hamachi.. to only play with a small group of friends (2-4). But that got really slow (laggy). So I've decided to find a free one, but there's none (maybe I suck @ using "google"). Anyways, to make story short... I ended up paying for a 8 slot server for 6 bucks. It's worth it, no lag like when we used hamachi. I didn't think the configuration was that simply and easy to use.