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  1. Server: mc.doomsoft.com:25000 3 Simple Rules No Dimensional Anchors No Dimensional Doors No Mystcraft Everything goes. Grief, PVP, Raid, Build, Destroy, AFK. Nothing is safe. Questions, post them here or ask someone in game.
  2. Is there a way to prevent [ComputerCraft] from breaking blocks that have been claimed via GriefPrevention?
  3. Can you do that using WorldGuard? Or what plugin would you recommend?
  4. I dont see a place to deny rights in the config. Can you post your config?
  5. How do you ban the crafting of items? Ownership of items? Use of items? I'm looking for a new plugin coming from Tekkit Customizer.
  6. Using GriefPrevention how can I stop [ComputerCraft] (Turtles) from bypassing GriefPrevention and destroying claims??
  7. I have a Tekkit server and it seems to be using higher than normal bandwidth. Around 200 KB/s per player at times and as low as 20 KB/s per player at other times. I've done some testing and having players not move or even look around the bandwidth varies greatly. What is the typicial bandwidth usage range per player? Is there something wrong or is this normal? Nobody is complaining yet but I'd like to avoid getting to that point if I can.
  8. Server IP: mc.doomsoft.com Max Users: 32 Banned Items: None Removed Mods: Mystcraft and Dimensional Doors World Created Date: 5/11/2013 We run our server on a dedicated box. The server is run from a RAM Drive and backed up to a RAID6 daily. If you need anything else post here, join the server or visit us at http://minecraft.doomsoft.com
  9. I'm having the same issues on my server. Using http://ci.md-5.net/job/MCPC-Plus/400/ and its about 200kb up per player... Any ideas?
  10. Fixed version number in the title.
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