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  1. Rightyright. Cheap Shot, perhaps it would be possible just to let a warning box (OK, Cancel) be(ing? xD) popped up, with something like "Borders of Technic Responsibility, (NO FORUM SUPPORT!!) update or cancel?" So that it's really really REALLY obvious? Would be so cool and the forums would (hopefully) got cleaned up a little... Perhaps my idea before was a little bit too extreme xD
  2. I didn't really mean the dev builds wich are able to be running but those, wich are mostly the latest, wich are broken due to the mods, wich arent updated yet. I mean only and JUST ONLY those dev builds, wich are broke Jay, I agree you, but I believe there are soooo many noobs, wich just want to play 1.2.5 or whatever and spam down the forums with bug reports. I'm not here for so long, but i think its always like this with new versions. But whatever, just a thought. I just try to come over with suggestions how to tidy up the SSP/SMP/Bug Reports forum, cause something HAS to be wrong, when so much ppl spam the same sh*t over and over again. Well nevermind :)
  3. They aren't available in Tekkit. I think you mean those things from Thaumcraft, but I don't really know, I don't play SSP.
  4. What does it do with another seed or when you delete the world folder? How do you connect? via localhost or through hamachi? IF you use hamachi, what does it do when you join via localhost? (means only 'localhost' as your server ip.)
  5. Try using a dynamic dns, this is the way I do and it works perfectly. http://www.no-ip.com Also, you have to put in your account name/password/registered dns into your router configuration. Tadaaa :)
  6. omg 'plugins', what does it say to you? Google -> Bukkit Essentials or -> Bukkit PermissionsEx If you ask again, how to set up the Permissions, the answer will propably be: WATCH YOUTUBE If you had typed "Minecraft Permissions" in the Youtube Search, then there would be a bunch of solutions. Note: Google and Youtube are your friends.
  7. Sure. Buildcraft should also be handled with care. In my opinion, ICĀ² is still the most harmless of all those, so I think I leave it like it is. And well,.. Buildcraft... ... ... Is a problem I think about a cordoned off area for quarries or so.. Shopping system would also be f*ckd then, but not if they wouldnt be able to craft, but be able to purchase, so theres some kinda self control over it. But well, offtopic, nevermind. Ontopic: EE is just a hell of a mod. Over and out EDIT: Real ontopic: Certain items can be disabled in the config. Dont know how placed block behave, once they are disabled, but well... Disable EE, run the server, enable it again and edit the config like your wishes.
  8. I think things like those are the job of admins, to set the environment up for players to make them able to do so. In SSP its alright, everybody can do what he wants, but in SMP, i dont know. I didn't get really into it, but yesterday I saw somebody on my server who made a giant tunnel just with a few clicks. <- Reason 1 And shopping systems are just unthinkable with a mod like this. I.e. nobody would ever buy glass, when he just can switch dirt into sand and smelt it by himself. <- Reason 2 Propably there are even easier ways to do things like that, but those are 2 of the main reasons why I would never ever run a serious server with EE.
  9. When do you ppl get that Java 6 just causes issues? I bet a diamond this is exactly the reason.
  10. When I set up my online server, i will disable all the EE blocks instead of the Alchemical Chest. Almost the only useful thing in this mod in my opinion-
  11. A permissions setup with PermissionsEx will do the trick. Wont discribe further, since you have to learn PEX anyway to do this. Watch YT tutorials And read the ruuuuuuuuuuuuuules
  12. All I can say to this is: -.-' lol Thought I had a pretty cool idea but nah. Thank you for taking away my illusions xD Btw the servers are not the problem in my opinion. I thought about the client side, but well... nevermind xD Thank you both for thinking into it
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