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  1. I cant get the ComputerCraft thingy working. I wrote a program which writes the direction and steps to move in a file then moves one step. In the startup file I read and decrement the counter and again move one step. If I run the program which inits the file my airship moves 2 steps. The init program moves one step. The computer reboots, the startup script moves the platform again but no second reboot. I have to manually click the computer. This is more a CC question then a problem in Redstone In Motion. Somehow CC doesn't recognize a computer running the startup script as "running". If I put
  2. Hey, I'm relatively new to minecraft. One thing I cant understand when I watch e.g. Forestry or GregTech related threads is this Modder/Modpack-war. Those two mods are the only one I know participating in this "war", are there more? What is the background behind those frictions? I found a few hints in various threads but I'm interested in the whole story.
  3. Hi, I ran into a problem using Crafting Logistics Pipes. I have for example a Crafting Pipe to craft sticks. I configure it to craft two plankes to four sticks. My problemis that if I request 1 stick the remaining sticks get dropped. Have you any idea on how to handle this? Thanks
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