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  1. I hope to have power tools back in soon landmarks are off for performance reasons osumman and brickbreaker both whitelisted
  2. We had a mistake in the item list as of today the following items are banned Crystal Chest TnT Industrial TnT Landmark Nuke Mining Laser Power Tool Nuclear reactor All Of Mystcraft All Mining turtles
  3. We Well I"m using PreciousStones. And thanks everyone so much for your help
  4. I have seen several lists everywhere of items I should ban on my server if it were Tekkit Classic. I am however on TekkitLite and besides the whole mystcraft problem what else should I block on my server?
  5. This is a PvP PvE Survival server the protection system is designed to prevent against the senseless destruction of the things you create nothing more nothing less.
  6. 1. First and foremost act like an intelligent person. 2. Respect other players. 3. Do not spam the chat. 4. No hacking or cheating/glitching of any kind. 5. No griefing of any sort(I don't care if the server let you or not.) Any and all Gold Blocks [item id:41] crafted or acquired can be placed and replaced anytime to create a field of protection around it. You can toggle placing the block naturally by using the command </ps on> or </ps off>. You can view your field at anytime by walking into one and using the command </ps visua
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