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  1. i agree there is to much warning, im sorry for rule breaking but i dont understand :(
  2. u r to happy person what it is u r doing stop it
  3. i think u shuld play with high gfx but u are very entertained and sound is good which most dont get for me i have played lots of vanilla so you shuld do something a little different and with friend.
  4. i dont no thats why i ask but my pic changed i have no pic before, i dunno what is helen
  5. Launcher Version: i dont no Operating System: windows Java Version: english Antivirus Program: comodo Description of Problem: cant click on java stuff Error Messages: you cant click Error Log:
  6. i have recently been promoted but i cant see what to do thanks
  7. sorry you got warned the admins r a bit men :P
  8. ok i have repost in arcadew, sorry for bad langage, btw why i have pink baby lol?
  9. no reaction, i cant get it to work when i try to click there is nothing happened when i try to unistall there is nothing happend, plz tell me how i can fix (no to install lol- to much time i have saved game from killing floor) thankyou to help i hope this is in right place, i have alot investment into this, very fun
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