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  1. WilL Review all Applications! - We got 38 Ppl oN today HIgh Record for our Server - Lets get FULL!
  2. IP: Website: COMING SOON [saturday] Welcome to Evade Lite! We are a medium sized server dedicated to our players! Our Staff is dedicated on making the The Server experience better! Evade Lite, is a brand new tekkit lite server that was made for you the players to achieve the best tekkit lite experience. Our staff is ex-staff from Server Network "iDream Servers", the Admin Evokinz is now the Owner of Evade Lite!, and the ex - owners of iDream Servers are now the owners of Evade Craft that has "Evade Lite" as their tekkit lite server. If your wondering why we are "Ex" its because we sold our network to another company. Well we are restarting to make a bigger and better community! Well have you ever played on this huge tekkit lite servers and didn't get the respect you deserve, or got griefed the next day? Well on Evade Lite the staff respond to your needs ASAP!, we are here to provide the #1 Tekkit Lite Experience. Our community is nice, with a nice player base from around the world, and currently to this date there hasn't been one grief! Survivor - This is the default rank. Once you join you will be automaticly in this rank. Currently this is the lowest rank. - So far, No Donator ranks are released or other player ranks, they will be released Soon [saturday is the Max] - There are a set of rules to keep our server clean and running. If players are caught disobeying the rules punishment will occur. The rules are as follow: No Spamming- Nobody wants their chat-box to be filled with constant spam No Griefing- This is a building server, you grief your out... No warnings No Stealing- People work had for their items, caught stealing once it's a warning, next time it will be a lot more of a serious punishment No Harassment- This should be commons sense, do not make players feel as if they are unwanted on the server... They are exactly the same as you are. No Advertising- This includes other servers, websites or anything un-server related. You will be muted for advertising. No Duplication- Others get their items legitimately, you should too. Duping is a ban. No Hacked Clients- If you can't play without cheating then go on another server. This server is not for cheaters. Don't Leave Machines or Engines on When Offline- This one goes on the honor system. If you leave your complicated machinery or engines on when you are offline you are just causing lag. So please turn it off. -Buycraft -Essentials -Factions -GroupManager -Player Heads -Ptweaks -AutoAnnouncer -World Edit -World Guard - More Plugins Coming Soon - Currently our Protection system is provided by "Factions" but PVP is off, we are currently developing a custom plugin to provide crazy land protection that will use the economy . Our Player economy is made by you guys trading between each other! [by using Chest Shop] - Currently You Spawn with $1000 - [bug You may spawn with $0, tell an Admin that I had $0, we are currently fixin bug] - -TnT -Nukes -Minium Stone -All Warhammers -World Books -Mining Laser [ Cuz of Griefers ] To Apply for our Server Please Either: A) Comment Below in this Format Age: Name: IGN: Country: Time Zone: Why We Should Pick you? Experience you Have? One Word that describes you? Gender: Go to Our Website [Click Here] Join the Website then [Click Here] Then Just Apply - Coming Soon - [Finishing up Spawn] -
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