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  1. I can't find pumps or water pipes anywhere in Voltz 2.0.4 It makes Hydrogen generators very impractical and the uranium refining process too (assuming it's the same as 1.1.4 as I haven't actually tried it yet). I'm also surprised at the removal of electric expansion Has anyone else experienced similar dissatisfaction with the new Voltz? It has changed for the worse in my opinion :(
  2. Sorry for any inconvenience but I will not be renewing the server's subscription due to massive inactivity on the server. Tried, failed moving on haha!
  3. Awesome Well as cool as that would be sadly not, it's made of wool It was just a nice little thing that i thought would look good at spawn Enjoy the server!! See you around! Bring friends along :D
  4. Helloo all! The server population has dropped quite alot, i dont know if people are finding it boring or something? Let me know! And if not bring along a friend and let's get it going again! :D
  5. Thanks for helping him out Roland How is everyone enjoying the server??
  6. that is really good news buddy!! I shall work on getting something sorted for those plugins buddy absolutely And i am assuming what you are referring to is the NEI, but i dont really know why i wouldnt show up, my guess would be reinstalling your voltz, and it may fix that issue!
  7. Great to meet you Roland! Welcome to the server! Look forward to seeing you around! Ideally I dont want any raiding on the server, just a bit of friendly missile action, i dont have anything in place to stop it happening apart from factions but red matter and antimatter can be banned yes but nuclear missiles im okay with, aslong as they are used sparingly! The kind of competition i want on the server is friendly, much like if any of you guys have seen the yogscast voltz series. Thats what im aspiring for I hope this suits!
  8. Awesome, i'd love to hear them I have a rugby match today so i wont be in game until this evening so if you just put them on here that would be great Thanks! Hope you liked the server!! Did you have a bit play on it?
  9. Awesome Look forward to seeing you around i hope! I would just take this opportunity to say i am open to constructive criticism So if there is anything you guys would like to see or thing the server needs then let me know!
  10. Server Removed due to lack of activity. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  11. I have it working Brilliant :D :D I have factions installed now woohoo! Now i just need to figure out what plugins i want/need I wanted Shopkeepers but unfortunately it doesnt work! Thanks for your help guys its been great Can i set this post to resolved or something so people can see what to do?
  12. Okay, which one? the one inside the voltz.zip or the one in the server root? or do i delete the one in the server root? What do you mean by run the server from a command line to use plugins :/ Sorry im a bit of a noob!
  13. Sorry again, the .jar file in the voltz server.zip file is called mineraft_server.jar too, so i dont know which to replace! :/ I dont know which the server uses to start to be honest! :(
  14. Sorry, no i left the config file and everything, the only thing i deleted was the minecraft_server.jar from the root file of the server and the voltz.jar from the voltz 1.1.4 server folder, so what i've done is i've re-instated the original folders, so if i press on the launch server it will launch a voltz server absolutley fine. My base folder has these folders in : "Config", "Coremods", "Mods", "Voltz_Server_1.1.4.zip", "minecraft_server.jar" and "server.properties". So which should i replace with the MCPC thing? :)
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