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  1. I couldn't find any answers, so I thought I'd start a new post. I have a Multicraft server, and I just installed Voltz. There's 2 problems: When I use Voltz.jar as the .jar to run the server, the server turns on momentarily, then shuts back down. But, the mods are still installed. I check the coremods and mods folders and such, all the mods are there, but when I use Voltz.jar, the server doesn't run. So I use regular Craftbukkit, with the mods installed, it works! All the items are in the game. When I went into creative to place down a block from one of the mods, it gets placed like normal, but then a second later it disappears, along with the rest of the item in my inventory. When I try to use TooManyItems to spawn in any item from any mod, it says that the item "idnumber" doesn't exist. I honestly have no idea where to begin. Please help!