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  1. Instead of making a pointless comment that does nothing good for anyone other than make yourself look like an a** why dont you go find another server elsewhere and take your shitty comments too.
  2. Hello and welcome to SkyFire! SkyFire is a tekkit lite server with a difference, created for a fun and easy experience. When we first created SkyFire it shut down after a year and now it back in 2013. With Tekkit we stride to be one of the best PVP servers you've ever played. With great helpful staff and fast server power. We belive this will be the best experiance you will have. Come Join today!!! So how can you play? All you need is the tekkit lite launcher running the latest recommended version, and the IP, which is If you want to help us even more, you could donate a
  3. How does one protect spawn with tekkitlite? Im having so many issues and really really need help. Example, Players can place signs in spawn/Players can place down tnt/Players destroy everything with Mining lasers/Wrath Ignitors/cannons. Idk what to do. Last night spawn was destroyed and my staff was pissed. For plugins we use - World Guard - Factions - Group Manager - World Edit - tekkitcustomizer (Works) - mcmmo (Kinda works) - essentials - automessage - autosave Ive tried griefprevention but still no luck. Someone please reply for this is very urgent because I dont want to ban e
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