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  1. I specifically said this was an exploit, not a bug. I'm not even upset. I discovered this on the first day it was released, and just took my jolly time posting it because I felt like it. What I mean when I say "game-breaking" is that it could potentially ruin other people's experiences on a multiplayer server. For instance, if I have Protection IV, Unbreaking III, Exude IV, Fiery Aura I, Cold Touch I, Respiration III, Aqua Affinity I, Thorns III, Soul Tether I, Vitality IV, and Afterlife III just on my helm, with every enchantment on my other pieces of armour and weapons, I could really do some damage to a server.
  2. So I was playing on a private server with some friends when we came across a very game-breaking exploit. With the meteorite armours, right-clicking with it in your hand while it has no enchantments will give it an enchantment depending on what kind of armour it is. You can then put it into an enchanting table and un-enchant to gain levels. Simply take the item out, right click with it again, and repeat. This could definitely be a huge issue on larger servers, as it allows for people to have free experience. On my server, my friends and I all had armour and weapons with every single enchantment maxed out. We would take almost no damage, and dealt over 40 damage in one attack. I propose this could be prevented by removing the right-click-to-enchant feature on meteorite armour (making it spawn with the enchantment on it? Not sure how that would work if it's crafted), or by having a timer to dis-enchant items on the Enchanting Plus mod.
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