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  1. Darkcraft Voltz is a new server running the Technic pack's mod Voltz. It is a 24/7 PVP server hosted on a dedicated machine. We have no restrictions or removed mods. Lets face it you want to play Voltz for the chaos, destruction and more importantly the missiles. Well if its missiles you want its missiles we have As you can see you have a wide variety of tools to choose from when considering your method of mass destruction, whether it be from a fixed missile base or on the road. Now for the chaos side of things, blow holes in the world and other players bases. please be advised Darkcraft is not responsible for any loss of limb, life or property when using explosives! Before After We have been running servers for over a year and have a created a small community of friends. We now invite you all to come try Voltz with us, please visit http://www.darkcraftservers.co.uk for more information on other servers and to get to know us a bit IP: Rules No racism No swearing No refunds of items whether it be due to death or bugs/glitches No asking for OP No damage to spawn No camping and killing players at spawn Mods We are currently running Voltz 1.1.3 which can be found here http://www.technicpack.net/voltz/ Bukkitforge Plugins Factions Essentials Worldedit Worldguard Clearlagg Votifier System Specs: i7 3770 @ 3.4ghz 8gb of ram allocated with another 24gb to play with if needed 120gb SSD CentOS Staff Owners: Kraytex1, xxketchup, Blackadder1689 Commands /kit tools (basic tools and some food to get you on your way) /spawn (teleport to spawn) /back (back on tp) /sethome (sets home) /home (tp to home) look forward to seeing you on the battlefield -Blackadder1689
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