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  1. For some reason, you are the only person who is upset about how I want to run my server.. If you don't like the way I run shit, don't comment. My rules shouldn't disturb your existence this much. And I read it, but if you read my reasons, you'd understand.
  2. please read the OP. There is a section explaining how to be whitelisted.
  3. There are no limits to how many people can be whitelisted, only how many people can be on at one time. if I don't respond to an application quickly, keep in mind that I am Australian so I may be awake at odd times.
  4. Because I have 3 other websites I need to check all the time, I am not going to check this post every day for whitelist applications. It only takes like 5 mins to sign up and fill out a simple form. This also makes it easier for me to see who is playing on the server and what email I can use to contact them. Maybe you should read OP.
  5. Server IP: Whitelist Application: Just sign up on the site and go to the whitelist tab, this makes the whitelist process much easier for me. Not going to lie, whitelist is fairly easy to get access with. Just apply and you will most likely get whitelisted. It is merely a good way to archive who is who on the server. Ignore the banner for the site, that was for my old server that closed down a week ago and was replaced by a small Voltz server. Info: This is a new, fresh world. The server is practically vanilla Voltz with the exception of the Bukkit Essentials plugin to help with easier commands. This does not change any Voltz game play, it is merely for command simplicity. I am looking for mature players, sorry but no 6 year old kids. Not trying to be mean, but from previous experience older members follow the rules a little closer than minors. Preferable age is 16 or older, however this is not a necessity. There are no banned items, meaning go ballistic. All I ask is that if you decide to go nuclear apocalypse on the server, pace it easy so you don't destroy the CPU. The whole apocalypse thing is also allowed if you follow the basic rules. There are no server staff. Don't even bother asking for ranks that do not exist. I, the operator will only use powers to assist in server maintenance. I wish to play on my server without people asking me for items. Server spawn is within 100 blocks of Jungle temple, whew! PvP is allowed, so go nuts.. In moderation. Rules: No going ape-shit with griefing. This means that yes you can blow shit up, but only if another player has not touched the area. No blowing up other peoples constructions. This rule may be bent if certain factors are in place, such as the other party consenting to the grief. This sounds dumb to mention, but some people enjoy building bases then going to war with missiles. This is the only circumstance that griefing is permitted. Now that I think of it, that is pretty much the only rule. However if you decide to go red matter and create a black hole, please let me know first so that I can have an antimatter explosive and short server restart handy. If you wish to know more about the server, leave a reply. Any whitelist applications left in comments will just be informed to re-read the thread.