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  1. All good, I may have clicked through it, I can't really remember. Thanks for the help/acknowledgment of the bug, I'll try installing again later :P
  2. Build is indeed 224. Custom mod pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/goonies I'm not 100% sure what folders I set it to install in, but I know I did it wrong. It asked for an install directory, which I set to C:\Users\MercuryFyre\AppData\Roaming\.technic\goon, but then it asked for something outside of .technic, which isn't something I've ever seen an installation ask for, so it had me confused. It wasn't accepting any folders I gave it (The "select" button didn't do anything) until I evidently told it the wrong folder. Once I got it to accept a folder, being pretty disoriented by it asking for a folder outside of a folder and it not working when I did, I got it to install. It didn't get as far as the Mojang screen, instead just being the dirt texture, so I closed it and hit the red minus button in the bottom right of the modpack's icon in the launcher. At that point the launcher didn't want to close and my hard drive was chugging away so I just kinda left it alone for a while. Don't feel too bad, I got 99% of my files back because Windows is awesome, but thanks for looking into it :)
  3. I installed the launcher yesterday (made the post yesterday as well) since I primarily use FTB, but FTB is stuck on 1.4.7 for now. No, I was not prevented from installing the mod in the wrong place, nor was I given any sort of warning message (Maybe because it's a custom pack?). I just heard my hard drive chugging away, and realized what had happened when my music folder was gone Luckily Windows has a restore backups function, so everything is fixed, but yeah... No warnings or anything.
  4. When adding a custom mod pack to the launcher, I muddled up the install directory (my first time adding a custom pack). Obviously it didn't work after having tried downloading and running it, so I told the launcher to remove the pack from the list so I could try again. Instead of deleting the files the launcher installed, it deleted the entire contents of my AppData and the items around it, including my pictures, music, and another 21.9 GB of files. I have to admit, this is kinda sloppy coding, and I'd like for people to be aware of this when setting their install directory.
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