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  1. Why does attack of the b-team take so long to load (10ish mins)? Is there a fix, or is it just due to the expansive amount of mods in the pack.
  2. Well Thanks anyways, this saved me a lot of time. Also I did notice that option in the config.
  3. Witchery Server On The Hamachi Witchcraft server I made for me and a few friends I died in the nether. Due to a glitch I've seen several times before, where dying in midair causes no grave to spawn destroying your items, I tried a witchery necromantic rite where you summon a previous incarnation of a player. My server said, "cannot begin ritual rite is banned on this server." I checked the config file for Witchery on my server, and it said that the rite was not banned, how can I fix this?
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