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  1. So I have the following setup -- ' IC2 Consumer --> Energy Link --> BC Producer Theh BC Producer has a wooden conductive pipe and a phased conductive pipe as well on it. When I don't even have anything set on the phased transport pipe, it still eats energy, regardless. (I am seeing it create BC power even though it is not linked up to anything. Is this correct? Is there a way to solve this? Mainly I have a quarry going that is pretty far out that is linked to this, but the gold pipe always blows up, not sure if there is a simple solution for this or not, but could be bec
  2. I have Tekkit Lites' current server build, and was wondering on how I can either override or remove certain commands, mainly /give and a couple other commands from being used regardless of permission settings. I am not entirely sure if this is possible yet, but hopefully it is, thanks!
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