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  1. I have tried installing Sphax with the Big Dig Patch a few times and every time only a few textures work. Vanilla armour, a few mods, chest, some mobs, and the menus are all working but other than that nothing has changed. I have Optifine installed and have made sure my META-inf folder was deleted. I've tried deleting all the Sphax files and redownloading the regular and patch and it did not help. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  2. I tried posting in questions and received no help but every time up loading any world, even a brand new one, in tekkit the game crashes. I get error messages and in the new worlds I am not even able to move break or place any blocks before it happens. I just get the world fully loaded then a white screen and have to relaunch. Ive tried reinstalling technic and tekkit, reinstalling java, and i never have anything else open when I launch so memory is not an issue (also checked to make sure) All other modpacks work fine. I am running Windows 8 64 bit if that helps at all.
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