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  1. Or am I just an idiot? I've been trying to set up an MFFS system on my Voltz world without success. For one reason or another, I cannot get the Extractor to do anything. I have it hooked up with cables to a battery box, the battery box has power, there's forcicium in the extractor, the cable is hooked up to the red input on the back of the block. I've even powerlinked it to a capacitor. But the extractor is still not registering that it has any power, and it won't do anything. It seems a bit backwards that I can make and place all these MFFS blocks, but in order to change or remove them I have to craft and power a multi-tool, which only works when it's charged... ...and you can only charge it when the machines are working. And none of them are. What am I doing wrong here?