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  1. and for some reason i am not white listed... and i cannot connect at all
  2. In-Game Name: Gabby008 Age and Global Location?: 21 Romania Have you ever been banned before?: No Why do you play SMP?: To have fun, build juge factories and stuff You know this is a member application right?: Yes How long have you been playing Minecraft?: About 5 months How did you find us?: Tekkit Forums What's your favorite color?: Red Will you please make an account on our Website?: If needed... Anything else you want to add?: I've only played on one server which is now closed and waiting for a reset due to the new tekkit 1.5.2 update
  3. ok... I understand and ty for taking your time to explain.. any updates.. on how things are?
  4. well... what's the bug that bugs us so much that we need to give ic2 up... i couldn't seem to find anything wrong with that pack... or at least something to make me wanna give it up.. and we can keep it till it won't compatible with the update and i think that the server does not need to be working on the last update all the time... or is this the update the ic2 is not compatible with...
  5. is there a way to test if the items in ender chests and player data move over??
  6. when is the reset due and is there a chance to test if the player data and chest content will be kept or not?
  7. ok.. thank you what if u make a place near the spawn where we would place out stuff in chests and then save it as a schematic with world edit and load that part on the new map till we move our stuff to our new base and then remove the thing again.. cuz u said it might be possible to lose our stuff with the player stats... or something and also.. a chest is like 5% of the stuff i want to transfer.. can u drop a few blaze rods or chest cuz it takes alot of blaze, considdering it's harder to get... does world edit keep chests content? just in case the ender chests won't work Mod edit: Yeesh dude, learn to edit instead of multi-posting.
  8. how about making a pace near spawn that we can use to put our stuff and save it as a schematic and that would be loaded somewhere on the new map and we would get our stuff and then just delete it.. o_O