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  1. I always loved the old game of Minecraft and particularly the original version of Hexxit. After a big hiatus from the game, I've decided to come back with an original Hexxit server, new world, same game! If you're interested in joining, write below and I'll PM you the IP! The server is on a dedicated host with 3GB of RAM but I'll certainly upgrade if necessary.
  2. Hello! I am the owner of BaitaCraft. I am looking for 1-2 players who are eager to play Hexxit in a multiplayer setting with one or two other people. I want everyone to not necessarily team but share resources, help each other out and just have fun playing Hexxit. Please post your application form down in the comments and be sure to include the following: - Age: - Why you'd like to be on the server: - Experience in Hexxit (doesn't impact application, just wondering) (1-5): - Skype (required): Rules: No griefing or raiding, Be respectful and nice to all players, You may set up anywhere you want in the world BUT link your base up via dimensional door to the Nexus I plan un building. I will accept a maximum of 2 applications!
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