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  1. Voltz crashes on startup. (I used a very old backup and that was before the Mac update for Voltz and Tekkit Lite.)
  2. I found an old backup but I cant play voltz.
  3. I dont know how to backtrack my Java on Mac, but ill search it up! Thank you!
  4. Launcher Version: Operating System: OSX Java Version: Java 7 Antivirus Program: build in OSX antivirus Description of Problem: Nothing starts u[p Error Messages: Error Log:

  6. Launcher Version: Operating System: Mac OSX Java Version: Java 7 update 21 Antivirus Program: None Description of Problem: Nothing works, the launcher starts and then when I try to start ANYTHING. Nothing works. Also I tried deleting the launcher files, but it still doesn't work. Error Messages: Update Failed Error Log:
  7. I mean I dont have anything for the Log
  8. Launcher Version: technic platform Operating System: Mac OSX Mountain Lion Java Version: Java 7 Antivirus Program: none Description of Problem: Nothing works exept for tekkit, just closes when I try to play it. (similar to early technic launcher) Error Messages: none Error Log: non
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