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  1. Hi, I'm running Mac, and so I find it hard to merge the PureDBCraft texturepack together with the patch for Voltz - I dont think Minecraft can read the Mac-compression, cause when I compress it and put it into the texturepacks folder - nothing happens; its just the same default texturepack. And when I dont compress it and put the folder into the texturepacks-folder, it says "Incompatible - Sphax PureDBCraft". And none of the textures for the original Minecraft-blocks works, only the new one from Voltz. So I was wondering if anyone could be really nice and merge the x64-pack with the patch for me. And provide me a download link or so...? It would be really helpful!!! Thanks
  2. Should the modpack.jar file be directed in some special directory /bin for instance?
  3. Clean quesiton, nothing behind it: When the launcher downloads the minecraft.jar file, does it download with Minecraft Forge on it? Is this something I can control?
  4. Are you as a moderator going to be a racist??? Then well, I can see why you cant moderate modpacks... I am named blazedGinger, and just like higly pigmented people can call each other "nigga" I can call myself "ginger", you cant.
  5. This is obviously because I am going against you and the rest of your team. You should take this seriously as Mojang might wanna sue you. You could convert the code that the modpack url contains to a code your launcher only understands. This would fix your problem!
  6. Lol do you know how many videos that are being uploaded to YouTube in one hour? Do you know how many that gets removed every hour? 5000 videos each hour, 1000 of them gets removed because of problems with licenses, copyright, etc. YouTube moderates their videos, Technic team hasn't seemed to moderate the modpacks they list.
  7. Please read the whole topic before replying. I would correct you, except Ive corrected over 10 people now.
  8. No, as it is the Technic teams responsibility they should remove the modpack from their website immediately.
  9. You are truly messing it up, read the Minecraft terms, read the law of United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and all other countries thats a part of UN about copyright and websites.
  10. Ive told I fixed it as soon as I found out. I do admit I did hosted illegal files, but 299 others does at this very moment from this platform.
  11. Google isnt responsible of their search results, because they are search results not users.
  12. Well, go browse the modpacks. Download each single modpack the way I told you could download a copy of Minecraft. How many copies do you get? Lets say there are 400 modpacks listed on the platform, I think you would get 300. Because I was not aware of that people could get the Minecraft directory when I uploaded it, no one told me how to make a modpack properly when I uploaded and listed my modpack - of course I've fixed it now as I found out. And 299 other people didnt either knew how to make a modpack properly. So they would trace it back to over 300 different people, do you think Mojang would sue the 300 different people or the Technic Team? And could Technic Team sue over the 300 different people for doing someting they didnt knew was illegal?
  13. I know I am making it wrong, but no one stops me. As Ive told all the rest of the people that fails about "Its not the Technic Teams responsibility", it is their responsibility. We are users on their website, and they are responsible for their users and what they do. doesnt allow hundred of different things and they moderate everything, why they are moderating it is to keep the forums clean and to watch their responsibility.
  14. Of course it it the Technic Teams resposibility. They are listing free Minecraft copies, they are responsible for their users (aka. you and me, when we are on their website) and we are giving out free Minecraft copies.