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  1. That'd be great. As I understand (not an English native) "blacklisted" in other contexts usually mean ignored/not included/not touched, it shouldn't make the carriage trash out. Thanks a lot.
  2. Hey planetguy, Thanks for the fork, it's greatly appreciated work! I was wondering, is it a bug or intended feature: A platform carriage moves a bunch of block, then a block that is moved by the carriage goes in contact directly or indirectly with an immovable/blacklisted block such as bedrock, the result is a stuck carriage, impossible to move away from the immovable block. The only solution is to break a block between the carriage and the immovable block, et voilĂ  the carriage can move again. Maybe the platform carriage should include in its "blocks to move" the blocks from it to air
  3. For now, it's a really deep work in progress, as in, things tend to change a lot when I'm coding. Anyway, I did a first (messy) release of the source in my git https://github.com/rienafairefr/moddedSaveConverter I'm very new to the coding/open source, so please forgive the noobyness in the code or the git.
  4. The minecraft.jar I think. In the modpack you probably have a .minecraft folder, in which you have a /bin/minecraft.jar . I just looked in a technic pack/tekkit installation there is no .minecraft folder. Well, I have to modify a bit the software. I'll post an updated link.
  5. Hi ! Sorry for the lat(ish) response. The soft tries to "heuristically" guess a correspondence between package names. For example, if in one version the name is com.eloraam.blockMultipart, and in another version it is com.minecraft.eloraam.blockMultipart, it should detect it. It's nice for mods from different persons but with same functions, like a coal block with package name com.nameofmod1.coalblock will probably be detected as the same as net.mysuperusername.random.coalblock . There's always manual checking that should be done before launching the convert, the soft will tag whatever is ni
  6. Have you ever grown tired of losing all your stuff when updating mod versions, updating your minecraft, installing new versions of mods, and then finding out that IDs have been remapped, or ids have been unexpectedly changed and messed up your saves and whatnot ? You don't want to go into countless config files just to find that small number and hopefully change it to something that'll *maybe* work ? Don't bother anymore, with this you will convert your saves smoothly from one installation of minecraft to another. I'm looking for alpha testers. There is still a lot of work in progress, espe
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